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    In 2014, the Ellerslie Classic Car Show introduced the Survivors Class into the Intermarque Concoursd’Elegance competition to be judged alongside the Masters Class and Teams Event entrants.The idea of including a Survivors Class section for unrestored vehicles had been discussed at length by the event organizing committee for a few years, and, after a remit […] More

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    Rarity! 1969 Shelby G.T. 350H

    Companion Car: Dan and Josefina Collins’ 1969 G.T. 350H was purchased as a driver, but it snowballed into a show-winning Shelby   Nelson Cardadeiro Dan Collins’ intentions were good. He wanted to find a 1969 or 1970 Mustang for his wife, Josefina, so she would have a pony of her own to take to shows […] More

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    Fast & Beautiful Burnished Brown 1969 Chevrolet Camaro – GALLERY

    Mike Stivison wanted to go racing, so he went to Merollis Chevrolet, the popular Detroit-area dealer, and worked the Central Office Production Order form to build a 1969 Camaro that would be fast and beautiful. The fast would come from checking off the ZL1 engine option, 427 ci of alloy goodness very conservatively rated at 430 hp […] More

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    Buried Muscle Car Treasure

    Finding a junkyard that still has old cars in it is getting harder and harder. I know of a handful that have disappeared within the past few years. That doesn’t mean they’re all gone, though. I was fortunate enough that a gentleman gave me a tip about a yard in Michigan that still had a […] More

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    A DECADE OF CRAFTING HAS TRANSFORMED THIS ONCE FORGOTTEN MAZDA INTO A RAW, TYRE-SHREDDING 1300 — SOLID PROOF THAT GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH THE WAIT Let’s be honest here, no one ever sets out thinking their build will take them the better part of a decade to complete. That’s especially so if you’re in your […] More

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    During the top-four battles in the D1NZ ProSport Series at Timaru International Motor Raceway, for round three of the Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship, fifth-place qualifier Callum Neeson was in a gnarly smash into the tyre wall after one of his tyres de-beaded. However, it wasn’t the crash itself that held the proceedings up […] More

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    Bodacious Bel Air – Photo Gallery

    While the Beach Boys  crooned about a “really ine … 409,” how about a totally reined 409? That’s the lyric of this Bel Air bubbletop owned by James and Sandy Eudy. Its fuel-injected mill is thoroughly modernized, boasting 484 cubes and 557 ferocious horses. Not only that, it has an array of other superb upgrades. Before covering the remarkable craftsmanship that went into […] More

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