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    Buried Muscle Car Treasure

    Finding a junkyard that still has old cars in it is getting harder and harder. I know of a handful that have disappeared within the past few years. That doesn’t mean they’re all gone, though. I was fortunate enough that a gentleman gave me a tip about a yard in Michigan that still had a […] More

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    A DECADE OF CRAFTING HAS TRANSFORMED THIS ONCE FORGOTTEN MAZDA INTO A RAW, TYRE-SHREDDING 1300 — SOLID PROOF THAT GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH THE WAIT Let’s be honest here, no one ever sets out thinking their build will take them the better part of a decade to complete. That’s especially so if you’re in your […] More

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    Smokestack Lightin’

    If there was ever a word to describe what a car builder/owner must have in their psychic makeup it would be that word. You stick to the task absolutely until it is completed, no matter the punji pits or the Claymore mines in your road, and when everything that conspires against your forward motion, you don’t quit. Paul Tortorici is one of […] More

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    Big Feet

    Patrick Darling doesn’t give a hoot about how fast or how quick his car rips up a straight line. In his head he couldn’t abide a ham-ist 1,000-horsepower poleaxe; rather he liked a tool with a lot more control, like a scalpel, because his sentiments lay with the autocross discipline, rotating the back end just so and then standing on it—over and over again on that frantic […] More

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