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    TWELVE MONTHS IS NOT A LOT OF TIME IN THE CAR BUILDING WORLD, BUT IT WAS ALL THE TIME SVEN NEEDED TO PULL OFF A PERFECT 10 WITH HIS RX-2 COUPE BUILD Split it whichever way you want — 12 months, 52 weeks, or 365 days — it still sure sounds like a long time, […] More

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    GALLERY: Dort Scort

    WE ALL HAVE BUILD IDEAS BURNING AWAY AT THE BACK OF OUR MINDS, BUT IT’S NOT OFTEN THAT WE HAVE THE IMPETUS TO BUILD EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM We lost count at 150,” a good mate of Brendan Duncker exclaims, as the friends do their best to recount the number of cars that […] More

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    GALLERY & SPECIFICATIONS: 1966 Toyota Corolla KE10

    FUELLED BY WHISKEY, PEER PRESSURE, AND A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF LOVE FOR KILLING TYRES, MIKE LEDGERWOOD’S 1UZ-POWERED KE10 IS A BATTLER WITH A SHITLOAD OF CHARACTER Rust is the silent killer of the car world. Like a cancer, it grows and slowly eats away at vital organs until there are more holes plaguing the panel […] More

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    GALLERY: Stuttgart’s greatest work of art – Mercedes 300 SL

    The Mercedes 300SL blends sophisticated engineering with unforgettable styling, says Malcolm Thorne as he charts its development.. When Laurence Pomeroy of The Motor reported spotting a group of Mercedes veterans spectating at Le Mans in 1951, few of his readers could have imagined that a legend was in the making. In spite of the firm’s […] More

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