1969 Dodge Charger Will Remind You Why Muscle Cars Are So Attractive

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Muscle cars are far from flawless, but such is the influx of emotions you get from them that in the end you just don’t care. 

Like this Sublime Green 1969 Dodge Charger for instance; its massive square shape is instantly recognizable from miles away, helped in this case by the bright paintwork, with the V8 soundtrack matching perfectly the aura of the whole car.

And then you hear its story by Bromley Howser, its proud owner. Bromley found the car in pieces, with the body sitting dormant in a field and its engine parts scattered across a garage floor when he bought it as a way to overcome a recent motorcycle accident.

After rebuilding the whole car, Bromley discovered that the car was not only complete but it had almost all the parts it left the factory with back in 1969 with the exception of the fuel pump and alternator, making the car “as close to original as you can get.”

Watch the rest of Bromley’s Charger lover affair in the latest Petrolicious clip right after the jump.

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