This ’68 Ford Mustang Is Getting A Twin-Turbo Ferrari V8 (GALLERY)

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We’ve seen all kinds of crazy engine swaps in the past but apparently not enough builds with a Ferrari engine. And that’s a shame.

American Legends from Phoenix, Arizona is currently building a rather unique 1968 Ford Mustang nicknamed Project Corruptt.

The highlight of this build is hiding under the bonnet, as Project Corruptt is destined to be powered by a Ferrari-sourced V8 engine that’s getting a pair of turbos as well. The engine itself comes from the F430 and features an intake manifold from a California in order to locate the throttle bodies in the correct position for this front-engine application.

As you would expect, the task is as far from straight-forward as it can be as the swap requires a hefty amount of components to be designed from scratch in order to make this all work. The Italian V8 will be paired to a manual six-speed T56 transmission.

The Mustang body also received a number of modifications, with the most significant being the chopped by 2.5 inches roof. The custom front bumper features 3D-printed air intakes under the headlights, feeding the turbos with fresh air.

The build will also feature an air suspension in order to sit as low as possible when parked because stance.

American Legends will debut the Project Corruptt at SEMA, so expect to hear more from it later this year.




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