Gallery: Aston Martin DBS

One of the most significant models in Aston Martin’s history brought a completely new style, a work of William Towns.The new V8 was not ready yet, it was only in 1969, so at first it had an old row of 3995 cc and 282 hp. The DBS V8 is about 320 hp out of 5340 ccm. After David Brown sold the company, the production of the hatch stops and the model with the mask redesign was named V8.

For nearly 20 years now, this design will be the backbone of production. DBS is the cheapest classic brand model in today’s market. They produced 787 and 402 with V8. He had his own part of film and TV famous. The most uncharacteristic 007 ever, George Lazenby, used a copy in the screenwriting film ‘In the service of her Majesty’. Recently deceased Roger Moore drove him in the cult series ‘Persuaders’.

Although the collectors today prefer the classic DB models that preceded them, with the DB6, this is truly a wonderful classic, though the evil tongues pull some parallels with almost no blue-green Chevrolet Camar of the first generation. Without the convertible in offer and because of the lack of connectivity with some of the more famous Bonds, somehow it has remained in the deep shadow, but it is one of the most fascinating European GT cars of its time.

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