(GALLERY) BILENKIN VINTAGE – Beautiful retro elegance in Russian way

Traditionally, our views are more focused on the West than from the East, which is often a big mistake. In contemporary Russia there is a very interesting scene of unique and small-serial cars, whose latest representative is shown at the Dubai showroom – BILENKIN VINTAGE.

Kiril Bilenkin is a Moscow restorer, who has been managing and modernizing classical cars for ten years now and has now opted for an inverse approach. Based on the BMW 3 Series (E92), it creates a splendid coupe in retro style.

The structural integrity of the Bavarian car, its complete mechanics, as well as the roof, doors are retained, while the remaining elements are replaced by glass-plastic elements.

The interior is also remodeled, but all structural elements are the same as the original. So far, only two samples have been made, based on 335i and 325d, with a plan for small-serial production of a dozen units per year. The price starts from 130,000 euros, depending on the specification.

This composite retro car is of original design, but still most reminiscent of the creations of the glorious Luigi Segre for the Ghia house in the 50’s, which is in itself a great commendation.

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