MASERATI MEXICO by FRUA: Unique diamond for the first time in public

A suddenly forgotten and very rare gem of the past appeared suddenly on the world automobile scene

Every preserved sample of the classic Maserati deserves much attention to collectors and auto enthusiasts, but Maserati Mexico since 1967 is really something special. It is a unique factory prototype.

Maserati Mexico originated in 1967 on the basis of the first generation of the Quattroporte, but unlike this model, Mexico has only two doors and the only elegant sports line.

Only 485 units of this model have been removed from the factory tracks, but the vehicle that is to be auctioned in January next year is unique and is in brilliant condition.

Namely, in the development of this model, Maserati has hired three legendary bodybuilders (Vignale, Bertone and Frua) to create three different prototypes, and the subject sample is the work of the last one.

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MASERATI MEXICO by FRUA changed several owners, but also the aggregate. The 4.2-liter V8 is built in, and this is claimed to be one of the most historic Maserati models of all time

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