Photo: “Hudson”, a favorite of businessmen and gangsters

Hudson is an American company, wholly owned by the Hudson Motor Car Company, which from 1909 to 1954 has been producing solid and luxury cars in Detroit. It is grounded by Joseph L. Hudson, with the combined forces of seven businessmen from Detroit, in order to offer a quality car at a price lower than $1,000. The first successful model was the “20” model, followed by a series of innovations.

Hudson 1916, the world’s first inbuilt two-way hydraulic brakes, light indicators for oil pressure and generator voltage and a fully balanced crankshaft, which ensures smooth operation of the six-cylinder engine even at high speeds, and is also known for its most comfortable interior class. The company reaches its highest production in 1929, 300,000 vehicles sold, making it the third largest American manufacturer behind Ford and Chevrolet.

Profitable production continues in the 30’s, with the most popular model being the Eight Convertible Coupe, along with the 1934 model. During the Second World War, the company manufactured anti-aircraft weapons and ship engines, and the landing boats used in the Normandy invasion were driven precisely by Hudson’s engines.

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