PHOTO: How Porsche Restored the Oldest 911

After three years of restoration, the original original 911 was completely restored

After three years of restoration, the original 911 was completely restored, after which it was exhibited at the Porsche Museum, which shines in full brilliance.

The vehicle with ordinal number 57 was produced in October 1964 as one of the earliest serial pieces of the Porsche 911.

The original color was red, and this model then wore a 901 mark, which was later changed to 911.

When the German company introduced the heir to 356, it was initially known as the Porsche 911.

However, just weeks after the launch of the serial production, Peugeot demanded that the number plate be changed because it had the right to use triple zero numbers in the middle for its cars.

It is also interesting that this 911 copy was accidentally discovered as it rotted in a garage during a German TV show on antiques.

The TV team contacted the museum, whose experts determined that it was a very rare and extremely important car for the history of the company, so it was decided that the vehicle should be purchased and renewed.

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