Hennessey Performance and Dodge’s “hellish cat” with special roof rails with a Christmas tree fixation managed to reach even 284 km / h!

Social networks in a period are packed with raging cars driving Christmas trees on the roof, and Hennessey Performance and Dodge have decided to be a little more creative on this subject.

Their goal was to find out how big the speed can be achieved with this festive luggage on the roof.

For this occasion, Dodge prepared the Challenger Hellcat with extended bodywork, and Hennessey Performance special roof rails with a Christmas tree fitted 180cm.

The Challenger Hellcat, which hides a fierce 6.2-liter V8 engine underneath the hood, has only managed to reach speeds of 284 km / h. In addition, although it is lacking in a pin, the fir tree has remained whole, and Dodge boasts a new record.

Let’s see what this festive venture looks like:

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