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    Aerosmith’s original 1964 touring van found in woods

    An automotive chunk of rock n roll history has been found and saved from a Massachusetts forest – sweet emotion, it’s only the first gig wagon used by Aerosmith! The 1964 International Harvester Metro used by legendary rock band Aerosmith has been saved! Discovered by the crew of reality TV show American Pickers, the long-lost wagon […] More

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    Long-lost stash of American pre-war classic cars found in cellar

    Hidden away for decades, ten pre-war classics including a rare Plymouth PB Roadster and two racing-bodied ‘Speedster’ Fords have been found in a run-down North Carolina property Barn finds aren’t really a great surprise in themselves. Every day, classics which have been parked for years pop up after being assumed long lost. But this isn’t […] More

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    Duesenberg becomes most expensive American car ever sold!

    A 1935 Duesenberg SSJ, widely accepted as one of the greatest cars ever made, has sold for $22m, making it not just the most expensive American car sold at auction but also the most expensive pre-war car ever sold. The sale took place Gooding & Co sale during the Monterey Car Week in California, with […] More

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    1969 CHEVELLE SS 396/375 HP BARN FIND

    Just found In A Building in Middle Alabama, 1969 Chevelle SS 396, Real Factory Big Block Car, I actually discovered two orginal IBM cards for the car under the back seat which call for the car to have the SS interior trim, 4 speed, rear speakers, and console. The motor is a original 396/375 hp L78 […] More

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    We got a phone call a week or so ago, from an elderly lady, who told us about her family that owned a junk yard in South Georgia, that had been their since the 1930s, and that it was very much grown over but full of old cars and for us to come and take […] More

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    1939 Frazer Nash BMW 327

    Milton Glaser, the famous New York-based graphic designer, once said that there are three responses to a piece of design; “Yes, no, and WOW!” The latter was my reaction when my good friend Ben invited me down to have a nose at the latest motor cars to find their way into the hands of the Classic […] More

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    The Ultimate Barn Find: One-Of-One Aluminum Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

    Nearly every Ferrari is collectible to some extent, but for an iconic model such as the Daytona, the allure is a bit higher. Attach words like barn and find, and the value climbs higher still—originality is preferable to restoration. Yet, to describe the car you’re looking at in these photos as a “barn find Ferrari […] More

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    Two Like-New Buick Grand Nationals Are the Barn Finds of the Year

    These consecutive-VIN “twins” still have the window stickers. lright, so technically these two sub-1,000 mile 1987 Buick Grand Nationals whiled away the last thirty years in an unassuming (if incredibly dusty) garage. But we think you’ll agree that the discovery and rescue of these identical G-Bodies is about as classic a barn find story as they come. […] More

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