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    To help unveil the MY19 Bullitt Mustang at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, Ford presented a piece of genuine Mustang history in the form of one of the original GTs used in the filming of Bullitt in 1968. Back in 1968, two identical 390 V8-powered Mustang GT fastbacks were purchased by Warner Bros. […] More

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    2006 NISSAN 350Z (Z33)

    BRAD SMITH’S 350Z IS ONE OF THE MORE UNUSUAL CARS ON THE DEMON ENERGY D1NZ GRID. IT’S TESTED HIS PATIENCE TO THE EXTREMES AT TIMES, BUT THE RESULT IS ONE SERIOUS PIECE OF KIT When drifting burst onto the scene here in New Zealand, the sport was new the world over: it was cheap; attainable; […] More

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    TWELVE MONTHS IS NOT A LOT OF TIME IN THE CAR BUILDING WORLD, BUT IT WAS ALL THE TIME SVEN NEEDED TO PULL OFF A PERFECT 10 WITH HIS RX-2 COUPE BUILD Split it whichever way you want — 12 months, 52 weeks, or 365 days — it still sure sounds like a long time, […] More

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    GALLERY: Dort Scort

    WE ALL HAVE BUILD IDEAS BURNING AWAY AT THE BACK OF OUR MINDS, BUT IT’S NOT OFTEN THAT WE HAVE THE IMPETUS TO BUILD EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM We lost count at 150,” a good mate of Brendan Duncker exclaims, as the friends do their best to recount the number of cars that […] More

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    NOT ONLY DOES THE V-SPORT TOYOTA GT86 PRESENT MORE LIKE A SHOW CAR THAN A RACE CAR, BUT, ALSO, BEATING BENEATH ITS BONNET IS AN IMPRESSIVE AND UNCONVENTIONAL HEART If you’re tempted to construct a car to demonstrate the breadth and talent of your motorsport organization, you may find that targeting one of the best-attended, […] More

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    GALLERY & SPECIFICATIONS – 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R

    FROM SHOW WINNER TO TARMAC RALLY SPECIALIST, THIS GT-R ISPURE RACE CRAFT CAMOUFLAGED IN STREET-CAR CLOTHING Taking the rule book and tossing it out the window is something Nissan is very accustomed to doing, and when the R32 GT-R was unleashed in May of 1989, it was to send shock waves through the automotive world. […] More

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    GALLERY & SPECIFICATIONS: 1966 Toyota Corolla KE10

    FUELLED BY WHISKEY, PEER PRESSURE, AND A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF LOVE FOR KILLING TYRES, MIKE LEDGERWOOD’S 1UZ-POWERED KE10 IS A BATTLER WITH A SHITLOAD OF CHARACTER Rust is the silent killer of the car world. Like a cancer, it grows and slowly eats away at vital organs until there are more holes plaguing the panel […] More

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    GALLERY: Mitsubishi Evo X

    TEMPTATION IS DANGEROUS WHEN PLAYING THE SHOWCAR GAME — KHRUNAL’S EVO X IS THE BY-PRODUCT OF GIVING IN TO THAT URGE MORE TIMES THAN HE’D LIKE TO ADMIT Sketch out your dream car down to the very last bolt, swear through and through that you’ll stick to the plan, and even put money down on […] More

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