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    We got a phone call a week or so ago, from an elderly lady, who told us about her family that owned a junk yard in South Georgia, that had been their since the 1930s, and that it was very much grown over but full of old cars and for us to come and take […] More

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    1939 Frazer Nash BMW 327

    Milton Glaser, the famous New York-based graphic designer, once said that there are three responses to a piece of design; “Yes, no, and WOW!” The latter was my reaction when my good friend Ben invited me down to have a nose at the latest motor cars to find their way into the hands of the Classic […] More

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    The Ultimate Barn Find: One-Of-One Aluminum Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

    Nearly every Ferrari is collectible to some extent, but for an iconic model such as the Daytona, the allure is a bit higher. Attach words like barn and find, and the value climbs higher still—originality is preferable to restoration. Yet, to describe the car you’re looking at in these photos as a “barn find Ferrari […] More

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    Two Like-New Buick Grand Nationals Are the Barn Finds of the Year

    These consecutive-VIN “twins” still have the window stickers. lright, so technically these two sub-1,000 mile 1987 Buick Grand Nationals whiled away the last thirty years in an unassuming (if incredibly dusty) garage. But we think you’ll agree that the discovery and rescue of these identical G-Bodies is about as classic a barn find story as they come. […] More

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    This BMW M1 has gathered dust in an Italian garage since 1982

    It’s the golden ticket that everyone in the classic car world dreams of finding — a barn find. The latest in a raft of special discoveries in recent times, this BMW M1 has laid dormant in an Italian garage for over 30 years before it was reborn. With so many barn finds emerging in recent […] More

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    Is 2018 the year of the barn find?

    The all elusive automotive unicorn: the barn find. Five have already been publicly announced this year — two were sold in Gooding & Co’s Amelia Island auction, while the other three have recently been unearthed by LBI Limited in Long Island… Everyone loves a bit of patina, right? Well, these three cars have it in […] More

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