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    GALLERY & SPECIFICATIONS: 1966 Toyota Corolla KE10

    FUELLED BY WHISKEY, PEER PRESSURE, AND A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF LOVE FOR KILLING TYRES, MIKE LEDGERWOOD’S 1UZ-POWERED KE10 IS A BATTLER WITH A SHITLOAD OF CHARACTER Rust is the silent killer of the car world. Like a cancer, it grows and slowly eats away at vital organs until there are more holes plaguing the panel […] More

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    GALLERY: Mitsubishi Evo X

    TEMPTATION IS DANGEROUS WHEN PLAYING THE SHOWCAR GAME — KHRUNAL’S EVO X IS THE BY-PRODUCT OF GIVING IN TO THAT URGE MORE TIMES THAN HE’D LIKE TO ADMIT Sketch out your dream car down to the very last bolt, swear through and through that you’ll stick to the plan, and even put money down on […] More

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    GALLERY: Stuttgart’s greatest work of art – Mercedes 300 SL

    The Mercedes 300SL blends sophisticated engineering with unforgettable styling, says Malcolm Thorne as he charts its development.. When Laurence Pomeroy of The Motor reported spotting a group of Mercedes veterans spectating at Le Mans in 1951, few of his readers could have imagined that a legend was in the making. In spite of the firm’s […] More

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    GALLERY: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro – Stick Shift

    Here’s one thing we’ll never get enough of: a light car fzzing with a fat Rat and a stick-shift transmission behind it. There’s nothing headier than dropping the clutch on a combo like that. Any way you look, it’s not going to be business as usual. You might bury the tires. Maybe you’d wind up […] More

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    ’71 Camaro – SUBSTANCE ABUSE

    Less hype, more substance.It’s a remarkably simple formula lost upon most marketing goons. Passing of cookie-cutter giveaway cars as real-deal performance machines is one of the lamest tricks in the book. Luckily for hot rodders, Raybestos does things a bit diferently. By seeking the expertise of Schwartz Performance, the duo whipped up a track-proven ’71 […] More

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    The Plus 8 badge covers a classic Mog on vintage chassis, or a state of the art aluminium road runner with all mod cons and BMW’s smooth version of V8 punch. Jeremy Walton is our man in the driving seat, then and now!!! 13 years since Walton drove Morgan’s 4.4-litre BMW-powered Aero generation, which provided […] More

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    1979 Oldsmobile 98 Regency

    It Comes From a Time When Detroit Was “Downsizing” Its Vehicles. But Make No Mistake, It Still Has That “Big Car” Feeling GIeorge Simon was keeping an eye open for any one of several postwar Oldsmobiles before a few good reasons combined to convince him to buy a 1979 98 Regency four-door sedan. “I was […] More

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