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    1972-1975 Jensen Healey

    Enthusiasts are finally noticing this modern take on a classic British roadster The recipe seemed like a winner: Starting with name-brand ingredients, blend a powerful engine with sturdy underpinnings, cover with a roomy interior, and season liberally with a slinky sports-car body and retractable soft-top. Unfortunately, the Jensen Healey came out partially cooked, and didn’t sell as well as its creators had hoped. Decades of sorting by […] More

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    1966-’67 Ghia 450 SS

    This exotic Italian with power by Plymouth is a rare collectible!! In the 1960s and 1970s, several carscame out of Italy wearing the finest European couture, but powered by good, old-fashioned pushrod AmericanV-8s. We call those cars “original hybrids” around here. From the Iso Grifo to the Intermeccanica Italia to the Bizzarrini 3500 GT, rumbling—but reliable—V-8 power made the grade for […] More

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    1966-’67 Dodge Charger

    This sporty fastback can be a sound investment WORDS BY TERRY SHEA Mention “Dodge Charger ” to most enthusiasts of a certain age and the sexy, muscular lines of the 1968-’70 models will generally be the first images to pop into their minds. But Dodge introduced the Charger with a drastically different mission in 1966, its target market more the Toronado and Thunderbird demographic rather than […] More

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    GALLERY: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

    ONLY 122 MILES ON RESTORATION! This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible for sale has a 327 C.I. (360 HP) Fuel Injected V8 (Numbers Matching), 4 Speed Manual Transmission (Numbers Matching), Photo Documented Restoration in 2002, Bloomington Gold Certified in 2003, Regional Top Flight Award Winner in 2005, Retractable Soft Top & Body Colored Hardtop, Wonderbar AM […] More

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    History can be as much about luck and circumstance as anything else. Dig back into history’s major turning points and the “what if” scenarios can be intriguing. Significant moments on a more personal level may be less grand but are no less intriguing. John Trunzo from Wollongong is a Holden man, but like many Holden men, […] More

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    ONCE DERIDED AS TWO-DOOR WHALES THESE HARDTOPS ARE NOW HOT PROPERTY Having sat like a flock of shot ducks when its GTHO Phase 4 project was scuppered, the people at Ford ignored the competition potential of their XA Hardtop for more than a year. The superseded Phase 3 ran at Bathurst in 1972 and in 1973 brought Allan Moffat […] More

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    OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2 1964-71

    WHEN OLDSMOBILE FINALLY JOINED THE MUSCLE CAR RUSH, IT DID SO IN STYLE A four barrel carburettor, four forward speeds in the manual transmission and two rumbling exhausts were all that was (seemingly) needed to create an icon during the Muscle Car era. Until the 1950’s, Oldsmobile had been the most conservative of North American brands; slotted into the model mix […] More

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    IS THIS ONE OF THE BEST-LOOKING SHAPES EVER BUILT IN THIS COUNTRY? If you were around in the 1970’s and didn’t think Australia built some of the smartest looking cars on the planet then you were hard to please. Pick of the bunch was quite likely the HQ Monaro that hit showrooms in August 1971 and literally stopped traffic […] More

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