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    THE CASE OF THE “Imprisoned” Pontiac

    After It Had Spent 40 Years In a Small, Junk-Filled Shed With a Dirt Floor, Removing the Station Wagon Would Not Be An Easy Task. Still, He Was Determined… In late 2002 a friend of mine, John, began circulating a photocopied sheet listing 15 older cars scattered about his grandparents’ farm near Syracuse, Nebraska. Would […] More

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    A Muscle Car in Every Garage

    1968 Cyclone Coupe  When Mercury redesigned the Cyclone for 1968, the division discontinued the convertible but added a contemporary fastback. Both Cyclone hardtop and fastback were available as base and GT models, with the fastback heavily overshadowing the coupe. Standard was a tepid 302 two-barrel, but big-blocks up to the 428 CJ were available to snag your attention. Only 1,368 of these obscurities […] More

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    GALLERY: 1971 Ford Ranchero

    Ranchero With All the Dressing Chuck Fisher has always had a thing for muscle cars built with a bed out back. Ever since he can remember, at least one has been sitting in his driveway. His mom, Barb, was a muscle car lover and a gearhead when Chuck was growing up, and was smitten with these sporty, utilitarian rides […] More

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    1968 4-4-2 Oldsmobile

    Triple Blue – A Sapphire Sandy Survivor Bobby Canz describes himself as a Chevy guy. His first muscle car was a 1969 Nova SS he bought when he was 16. Yet he has also long had a soft spot for 1968 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 convertibles. “I have always liked that car, ever since I was in high school,” he says. “It was […] More

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    1970 340 ’Cuda

    We would like to think that the muscle car hobby is made up of honest, earnest, like-minded enthusiasts who will willingly help out their fellow hobbyists, especially when it comes time for a vehicle to change hands. Unfortunately, horror stories abound of dishonest transactions orchestrated by some lowlife seller. True bargains are scarce, but bogus sellers seem to lurk around every corner.  Please consider a few friendly suggestions.If […] More

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    GALLERY: 1969 Javelin SST

    When you own an AMC project, you are bound to be a scrapyard junkie. Because of a lack of repop and replacement parts, your free time will probably be spent walking the rows of countless salvage yards looking for those few Javelins, Rebels, and AMXs that managed to keep some of their vital parts. Ray Tietz is one of those […] More

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