RC Shelby Mustang GT500: A brilliant blend of retro design and modern technology

Shelby Mustang from the dream factory called Revology Cars

The Shelby Mustang GT500 from the dream factory called Revology Cars is a “dangerous” project, which through the spirit of nostalgia and the benefits of modern technology creates a brilliant blend of a modern car wearing a “classic suit”.

Being behind the steering wheel of the legendary Mustang of 1967 is an epochal “filing”, but if we think a little better, in such situations your leg will probably become very “heavy” and sit in a half-century old vehicle on which stability does not a stronger side can result in unwanted consequences.

This is what the Revolution Cars, which specializes in producing retro-style cars, knows this, but in this process they apply modern technology that makes driving safe and secure in every way.

Although the exterior relentlessly reminiscent of the golden 60s of the last century, the Shelby Mustang GT500 is powered by the modern V8 from Roush Performance, which delivers 600 hp with the aid of a compressor.

When we have such a ragged beneath our legs, then we definitely will not want to sit in a car that’s hard to wear, which is responsible for new brakes and a completely new undercarriage.

Of course, there is also a modern infotainment system, ice lighting and many other trifles specific to the modern times we live in.

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