121 years: Oldsmobile

They produced the first large car and figured out the current tape before Ford
This American company from Lansing, Michigan, was the first to achieve the production of cars in large series. When the Curved Dash 1901 came into production, by the end of the year, it had produced 425 copies, but the best is still followed. By using a rudimentary version of the moving tape (before Ford!), Up to 19,000 were shut down until 1907, when the model was shut down! Bizarre, the only one was saved from the fire that swallowed the factory, and that’s why it’s ‘chosen’ for production, and eventually became a fake model in the history of the car!

One of the few people who have been called by two successful brands – the other REO, by initials, Ransom Eli Olds (1864 – 1950) can be considered the first automotive magnate. From Oldsmobile it was devastated in 1904, just for the greatest expansion of the Curved Dash model. Among the first was the drivers who were racing on the famous Daytona Beach, at the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately, today it is largely forgotten, unlike Henry Ford, who has mastered his ideas.

Oldsmobile 1908 becomes part of General Motors Corporation. Before the First World War they produced some very luxurious models, but later they became a brand of ‘lower middle class’ within the group, above Chevrolet, and below Buick and Cadillacs. There are still important innovations, in 1940 which was introduced the first automatic transmission, and in 1962 a turbocharger.

The last truly significant brand models originate in the 1960’s. Toronado raised the American habits in 1966, offering a strange novelty, front-drive. The numbers of 4-4-2 are now a legend, and for the muscle car epochs, they signified 4 carburetors, 4 gearboxes and 2 exhaust pipes.At a moment of repentant extinguishers, they were the oldest American brand, and the decision about it may have been outrageous anyway.


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