50 years: Cadillac Eldorado

The most prestigious Cadillac model, the Eldorado, has been on the market since 1953, but the 1960’s were terrible and it seemed to be the name of the future. And then on the sixth generation came the masterpiece of designer Bill Mitchell and the model immediately entered in list of the legendary cars.

After several seasons, which simply did not differ sufficiently from the cheaper models, the new Eldorado was clearly recognizable. The disc brakes were still only an option, the model came only as a coupe, despite a length of up to 5.6 meters. The maximum speed was about 200 km / h, and accelerated to a hundred in the range of 9 seconds.

This generation with seasonal changes remained on offer until the 1970’s. The biggest changes occurred in the engine compartment, where the volume from the noble 7 to the end of the production grew to 8.2 liters in gargantuan.

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