VIDEO: See how Ford Mustang has changed throughout history

Mustang will forever remain in history books marked with golden letters as a model that has become one of the most beloved cars of all time

Mustang will forever remain in the history books marked with golden letters as a model that in 1964 literally deluded the US market, catapulting demand to the sky.

Meanwhile, some generations emerged that deviated from the thorough idea, but as far as the original Ford Mustang was and remains in the hearts of auto enthusiasts, the current model is successful and sought after in all world markets.

With 110,000 sold coupe versions and 30,000 convertibles, Ford Mustang was the world’s best-selling sports car in 2015.

Success was so significant that the model was available in both the UK and China markets.

How did the evolution of the American miracle muscular look at video attachment:

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